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Class Enrollment


classroomGeneral: CASSY and OKTIS
Before you can attend a class, you must enroll in it online. Enrollment for classes in culture, literature, linguistics and languages pedagogy is done via the CASSY-system. For language classes, which are offered by the Language Center, please enroll via the OKTIS-system. The following information relates to CASSY only.

Registration and Enrollment
In order to use CASSY you need to register first. We recommend that you do that before the enrollment period starts (see below). For the registration process you need a valid email address and your matriculation number. Beginning students who haven’t received their matriculation number yet can enter it at a later point as well. Note that registration is only required once and irrespectively of whether you want to enroll in classes in Erlangen or Nürnberg; but please make a note of your username and password for future use.

Depending on whether you want to enroll in classes in Erlangen or Nürnberg, please select the appropriate category below and read the information carefully.

Note that classes in Erlangen are limited to students studying for the following degrees: BA, MA, Lehramt Gymnasium, Lehramt Realschule.

summer semester 2017

  • beginning of enrollment for Hauptmodule (BA and Lehramt) and Mastermodules: 13 February 2017, 19.00
  • beginning of enrollment for all other classes: 13 March 2017, 19.00
  • Note that for technical reasons enrollment will not be possible on 13 March before 19.00.

Enter CASSY for registration and enrollment

Note that classes in Nürnberg (campus Regensburgerstraße) are limited to students studying for Lehramt Grund-, Mittel-, Realschule.

summer semester 2017

  • beginning of enrollment for all classes: 20 March 2017, 19.00

Enter CASSY for registration and enrollment

Enrollment is usually possible until and including the Friday preceding the beginning of the semester. However, enrollment in Grundseminare will also be possible in the first week of the semester. During the enrollment period you can sign up to or leave classes online. After the enrollment period you must contact the class teacher directly. Usually, joining a class is no longer possible at that point. If you have decided not to attend a class after all, please unregister from that class to free up spaces for other students.

Technical hints
Cassy uses a secure SSL-link for data transfer based on a self-signed certificate. Your browser will recognize that the certificate has not been issued by an accredited institution and put out a warning. You can safely ignore that warning and continue anyway.

Because Cassy was created more than 10 years ago, there may be compatibility issues when Cassy is used in more recent browsers. If that is the case, try another browser ideally from a different family of browsers (e.g. Chrome – Firefox – InternetExplorer).