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BritLit: Ian McEwan, Nutshell (2016)

Jun 01
20:15 - 22:15
Murphy’s Pub (Lorlebergplatz)

Lust, auch mal freiwillig britische Gegenwartsliteratur zu lesen und darüber zu diskutieren?
Susanne Gruß, Jaroslaw Jasenowski und Julian Rößler laden ein zu Brit Lit!
Brit Lit trifft sich im SoSe 2017 zwei Mal: am 01.06.17 und am 06.07.17, jeweils um 20:15 im Murphy’s Pub (Lorlebergplatz). Mitmachen kann, wer Spaß am Lesen hat, Regeln gibt es nur zwei: gelesen werden britische Romane ab ca. 2000, wer kommt hat den Roman gelesen.

Ian McEwan, Nutshell (2016), (01.06.17, 20:15)
A version of Hamlet told from the point of view of unborn Hamlet: “Embryos, of course, are all soliloquy. Conversation will come later. McEwan’s garrulous and unnamed Hamlet could have taken his cue from any number of lines from the play, but ‘Oh God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space – were it not that I have bad dreams’ describes his confinement particularly well.[…] We are invited to believe that the monologuing embryo has gained his erudition from Trudy’s Radio 4 habit. McEwan has what seems like enormous fun constructing a voice that is both alive with wild and whirling wordplay and capable of all sorts of antic dispositions.”
Tim Adams, The Guardian