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Welcome to English and American Studies at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg!

We offer a wide range of degree programs, including Bachelor, Master, and teaching degree programs. Find out about the faculty, the academic fields we cover, and get to know our staff.

We offer various courses in English and American studies for beginning and advanced students:
BA English and American Studies

MA English Studies

MA North American Studies

We also offer courses in teacher training for various school types:

Lehramt Gymnasium

Lehramt Unterrichtsfach (Grund-, Mittel-, Realschule)

Note: Beginning students in the B.A. degree program and the teacher training courses for English must take an aptitude test (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren) before they can enrol in these degree programs. This is to ensure that language proficiency in English is at a level which will allow them to study successfully.